Anonymous: The sex you're into is so wrong. Everyone enjoys some rough sex from time to time but the gifs you reblog.. the girls genuinely look like they're either in literal pain or knocked out. If you're the type of guy that's into inflicting pain on women for your own personal needs then you deserve to be shot.

Ahahaha I don’t even know what to say to that ? I hope you’re female, pointing a gun at me would be kinda hot you know…

Anonymous: are you going to warped this year or nahh

Unfortunately not, I think it’s already been n gone ? Don’t know not been keepin up :( miss America so much, UK just isn’t as good

Anonymous: Got a bird yet?

Nope still single :(


Oh wow, a Flo Rida medley, the only reason I tuned into RAW…

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It couldn’t want to hangout with me less
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The Wonder Years
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Modern Baseball - Broken Cash Machine [x]
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In which Dean Ambrose gets Seth Rollins so hyped he forgets how to PG.
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Best Blogs On Tumblr
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